What Age to Start Using Antiaging Skin Care Products

What Age to Start Using Antiaging Skin Care Products

The best age to start using antiaging skin care products and antiaging ingredients depends upon many things and differs from person to person. There is no perfect age to start using antiaging products.

What happens if you use antiaging products at a young age? It can help prevent aging if you are using the right products for your skin type.

This guide can help you decide when to start using antiaging skincare.

The age to begin antiaging skincare depends upon your Baumann Skin Type.

What age to start antiaging skincare products?

Unless you have a darker skin type and limited sun exposure, you should begin antiaging skin care products when you turn 30 years old. This does not mean you will have wrinkles when you are 30, but that it is time to prevent them.

If you have skin of color such as dark brown or black skin (Fitzpatrick skin types 4,5,and 6)and you do not get alot of sun, you should start antiaging skin care at age 35.

Anti-aging skin care in your teens

If you 15 or 16 years old or older and you get a lit of sun exposure, you should begin some protective anti-aging products. For example, golfers, tennis players, swimmers, and others who do outdoor sports need to protect their skin from sun damage. Of course you need sunscreen, but there are other things you can do to protect your skin and prevent aging.

Should I start antiaging skin care products at 16?

16 years olds should begin some types of antiaging products if they have light skin and have a lot of sun exposure. 

The best products to protect young skin from aging are sunscreen, antioxidants, Vitamin C and retinoids. If you choose to use a retinoid like retinol, use it at night and a SPF in the day.

Not all of those are right for every skin type, so make sure you shop by your Baumann Skin Type. Also only trust advice customized for your skin type and reviews from others with your same skin type.

Knowing if you need to start antiaging products is based on which Baumann Skin Type you have.

Can I start antiaging products at 18 years old?

First take our skin type quiz to see if you need to start antiaging products. It will ask you about your habits and age and if you test out as a wrinkle-prone type you will be able to choose from many different antiaging skincare brands that are right for your skin concerns.

When you are 18, you may already be on a retinoid like tretinoin or adapalene that has antiaging benefits. If so, that is one of the best ways to prevent skin aging because it blocks the causes of aging.

You should avoid using peels, glycolic creams, microneedling, dermarollers at your age.  It is not necessary and it removes some protective layers from your skin that you need to help protect your skin.

If you want smooth, radiant, glass skin, choose an exfoliant but do not use it before going in the sun and always wear SPF.

Anti-aging skin care products in your 20s

Surprisingly, 70% of 20 year olds who take our skin type quiz are a a wrinkle-prone skin type. This means that if you are in your 20s, you should begin anti-aging skin care.

You can find information about antiaging skin care routines in your 20s here.

Th best products to use depend on your skin type. Once you take the quiz we will help you find the best antiaging ingredients to use in your 20s. Here are some tips to protect your skin form getting wrinkles:

What happens if you begin using antiaging products too young?

Are there harmful effects of antiaging creams in your teens, 20s and 30s?

Long term use of growth factors, stem cells, and exosomes has not been studied.  These are not necessary for young skin and long term use might be harmful.  For example, EGF has been associated with cancer.

Overuse of exfoliants like vitamin C and retinoids can cause skin problems and increase susceptibility to sun damage.

Peptides have no long term anti-aging effects so don't waste your money on those- but they are not harmful.  They feel good on the skin but so not prevent aging.

Hyaluronic acid hydrates skin but does not slow aging.

Oils with antioxidants are a great choice for antiaging skin care in young people unless you have oily skin.

Retinoids might be  a good option for antiaging in your 20s and 30s if used correctly and in the right skin types.

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